About the Index

Index is a collaborative project. Fused and inspired by the friendship between Elk Paauw and Robbie Schroeder. Robbie has been drawing on Index cards for close to a year.

The size of an Index card is good for a small, intense drawing. A size that is whimsical.

Rob Really started drawing on these cards when he went on an open-mic comedy tour, and packed index cards for on-stage notes. He ended up sketching on them while waiting to go on stage, or waiting for his friends to go on stage.

In Autumn of 2015 Rob met Elk. Elk, (Elric), publishes his own zines, and suggested that Rob works towards a zine.. after seeing all of the previous and current Index Card line-work.


Index is a conceptual 4-part series.

Index 1 has 38 pages.

Index 2 has 44 pages.

Index 3 has 44 pages.

Index 4 is still in the works.


Index 1 is available in PDF format online, as well as in Stores in Seattle, WA.

Capitol Hill:

Elliot Bay Bookstore

Everyday Music

Wall of Sound

Phoenix Comics

Truelove Tattoo

Raygun Lounge

Ghost Gallery

Holy Smoke




Push Pull Gallery


The PDFs of Index 1 and 2 can also be found online for $5 each at: